Saturday, August 4, 2012


Knew this day was coming, but I hated it all the same. Today was the last day working with S, so I probably will not see him again if I decide to head back to New York. The past few days have been amazing. Yesterday I got to spend some time in the kitchen after my shift was over talking with S and another of the cooks. Lots of laughs, and an interesting new cocktail recipe that I'm going to be brave and try out someday soon. Today, when S came in I was back in the kitchen doing some prep for lunch, so I got to see him the second he got there (bonus for me! LOL) and we talked for a little bit. Then because we had so many people on the schedule I had to leave at 11, and after I had clocked out I was back in the kitchen again and we got to talk some more. It is so endearing just how open and comfortable he is, tells me anything I ask, with no reservations. Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are virtually strangers and that I have only known this man a few short weeks. Just wish I had longer to build on the friendship that's blooming between us. S is definitely someone I want to keep around for a while. He's beyond adorable, and you can tell just from spending a few moments with him that he is a genuine individual with a big heart. You just don't find men like him every day. 

Even though our days as coworkers are over, I am going to find some way to see him another time or two before I head back. Definitely going to break my character and make the first real move above and beyond the mutual flirting that seems to be the talk among our coworkers. If I do end up leaving, I think I am just going to slip him my email and phone number so we can keep in touch til I come back again. I do not want this man to forget about me :) 

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