Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Took a Chance

After 8 straight days of work, I am finally off for a few days. Hooray! My schedule could not be better for the next 5 days. Off the next two, work half a day on Friday, and then off the weekend. The only downside is somewhere in there Sean will be leaving. Sad. I am so going to miss seeing his huge smile every day. I hate myself for getting so attached, but there is just something there. 

This week has certainly been interesting to say the least. Two days ago, I was in the kitchen talking to Mike about all the people that were on staff, and he says to me that he didn't know Sean was going to be there. So I chime in and say that it's because he secretly loves his job, to which Mike responds that he's really there because he's in love with me. All of this while Sean is standing 5 feet away. Could have died! I then say, No I'm pretty sure it's not because he is in love with me, then Mike comes back with, Oh that's right! It's because you are in love with him. I couldn't win, I swear. I'm so glad that Sean just takes things in stride. Through this whole exchange he just sits there grinning. Same thing that happened when one of our gossipy coworkers asked if he was over at my house, He did not confirm nor deny, just sat there grinning. Sadly, the him being at my place was not true, but I just love how gossip gets around. 

So... since Sean is leaving and we won't be seeing each other anymore, I decided I would risk rejection and utter humiliation and ask if he wanted to exchange numbers so we could stay in touch. Yesterday morning he comes to work and stops by my station to say hi, and harass me a bit - not that I minded, always nice to see his adorable face first thing in the morning. So, I asked him when his last day was and mentioned keeping in touch after he leaves. Not only did I not get rejected, but the outcome was very favorable, and hopefully we will keep in touch. 

Kim and I were talking last night and she is convinced that he likes me. Though I am not sure about that fact, her logic at least is semi-solid. She pointed out how he and I have talked more in the last month than he probably has with anyone else that works there in the entire year he has been there. Even if there is something to that, I am still skeptical. I feel like there are a lot of mixed signals. In any given day, he will go out of his way to talk to me, and then also be all aloof. Like yesterday's meeting, we had a great talk earlier in the day, and then at the meeting he could not have sat farther away from me. There isn't consistency in the messages he puts out, and that is exactly what confuses me so. There have been so many times where he and I have been talking, and his big brown eyes just light up like I am the only person in the world. It's that feeling that I just can't shake. Being around someone that makes me feel like this is purely intoxicating. I am definitely going to miss it. 

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